For a more in-depth understanding of our work, we have provided a few Representative Matters on our website. Some of these examples demonstrate our ability to handle complex matters while others provide the scope and depth of our capabilities. The list of Representative Matters is not comprehensive of all the work we do. They represent a sampling.

  • Structured an inbound investment of loans to other lenders in the U.S.

  • Structured the ownership of broker/dealer holdings owned by offshore persons and U.S. persons.

  • Structured the rollup of 45 subsidiaries into a holding company and subsequently configured the sale of the holding company’s shares to a regulated entity, to provide the legal framework for the structure to unwind without income tax, should the regulated entity not receive government permission to proceed.

  • Represented several individuals in tax controversy cases involving undeclared offshore bank accounts and other financial assets which were not properly reported.

  • Structured hundreds of offshore investment companies.

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