A Fund Manager's Cyber Security Action Plan: Practical Tips on Preparing, Training, Implementing and Testing

Sophisticated hackers are attempting to infiltrate your firm's network and access you investor information, trade secret data, confidential and sensitive information. And while your firm's IT defenses may protect against many external threats (think viruses, malware, etc.), they cannot adequately prevent the internal risks posed by your employees. Whether malicious or unintentional, the actions (or inaction) of your own employees may very well be putting your firm at risk. A Fund Manager's Cyber Security Action Plan chronicles the evolving regulatory landscape for investment firms and outlines practical and actionable tips for preparing, training, and inspiring employees to protect your firm's assets. The white paper includes: • Current risks and regulatory requirements • A chronology of key regulatory events • Risks employees pose to a firm's cybersecurity posture • How to make employees a cybersecurity asset (training, policies, etc.) • Protecting against malicious employees • What's next - what regulators want to see

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Cheryl Spratt