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Sadis Defeats Motions to Dismiss Key Claims in Premium Point Lawsuit

An attorney for SkyBridge, Samuel Lieberman (Partner), argued U.S. Bank had accepted a heightened duty in its role as fund administrator to independently verify that a strict valuation policy was being adhered to at Premium Point. U.S. Bank agreed to these terms in order to reap fees from SkyBridge, which would become Premium Point’s largest investor with a $365 million stake.

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Sam Lieberman (Partner) was named Litigator of the Week Runner Up

The litigation team from Sadis & Goldberg LLP led by Sam Lieberman (Partner) and Ben Hutman (Associate) was given honorable mention for “Litigator of the Week” in the New York Law Journal for their work in the DangDang Case. For more about the DangDang Case, click here. To read the full article on the New York Law Journal’s website, click the button below.

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