Annual Audit Filing Due Date is March 1, 2011 for Broker-Dealers

March 1, 2011 is the deadline for the SEC to receive the annual audit report for a broker-dealer with a fiscal year-end dated December 31. The audit reports must also be sent to the broker-dealer's designated examining authority, such as FINRA or CBOE, and any states that require filings in which such broker-dealer is registered, by the due date. Every broker-dealer registered pursuant to Section 15 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended ("Exchange Act"), is required to file a certified annual audit no later than sixty (60) calendar days from its fiscal year-end. A broker-dealer's designated examining authority may extend the deadline pursuant to the Exchange Act. If a broker-dealer does not believe that it can meet the deadline due to exceptional circumstances, it must request and receive an extension from its designated examining authority prior to the audit due date. Grounds for an extension generally only involve obstacles to filing that the broker-dealer cannot control, such as the auditor's technical difficulties. A broker-dealer that is a member of FINRA specifically must request an extension from its FINRA District Office no later than three (3) business days prior to the filing deadline.

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Cheryl Spratt